Sunday, April 1, 2018

Boys will be Boys

Photos of Jazzy and Otie's boys at 8 months. 
 The boys look like daddy Otie, have nice heads, good bone and thick coats.
They have their moma's eyes!
Mason:  Intervale Etched in Stone
Mason is learning agility.  He loves sticks, just like his sister Penny.

Koda: Intervale Brother Bear
Koda is social and friendly and is learning to swim.
Coho:  Intervale Cohos Trail
Coho has been hitting the show circuit and has taken home Best Puppy ribbons!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Three Sisters

The Three Sisters are located adjacent to Mt Chocorua in the central east region of the NH White Mountains National Forest.   Elevations:  Third Sister 3,320', Middle Sister 3,340' and First Sister 3,354'.  Our Chinooks have loved hiking in this area of the Whites!

Intervale First Sister (Skye) takes her name from this area of the Whites.

Meet three sisters Intervale Belle, Rhys and Kenzie.  Their sire is Lighthouse Point Sur (Booker) and their dam is Intervale Brown-eyed Girl (Emma).


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Happy Birthday Otie!

January is a busy month for Intervale Chinooks with birthdays and 1/2 birthdays being celebrated by some of our Chinook kids this month.

Intervale Otie turned 11 on January 5th.  Otie sired a litter with Jazzy in 2017 and their 7 gorgeous Chinook pups reach six months this January 10th.  On this same date,  Belle's red-tawny pups with Hyas celebrate the big ONE!  Other 1/2 birthdays in January include Intervale Claire and Frankie and littermates (12 1/2) and Intervale Jazz and littermates (4 1/2).

Titles, titles, titles!  Otie has lots of AKC performance titles to add to his resume.  A typical Chinook, Otie has been easy to train and fun to work with.  Otie's titles include the Canine Good Citizen title, the Beginner Novice obedience title and the Rally Novice, Rally Advanced and Rally Excellent titles.  In agility he has titled in Novice Agility  Jumpers Preferred, Novice Agility Preferred, Open Agility Jumpers Preferred and Open Agility Preferred.  Put them all together and you get:  UKC CH Intervale Coyote BN RE OAP OJP TDN CGC RATI!  (When listing titles in a name, the most advanced title is listed and the earlier titles will drop off.) 

At eleven years old,  Otie recently passed the new AKC Novice Tricks test earning him his TKN.  Otie has been a busy Chinook boy and he loves his work!  On walks thru our yard, Otie often takes the agility tunnel just to do it, and he seems quite pleased with himself when he comes out the other end.  His expression is priceless!

In December, Otie received the AKC Achiever Dog certificate and he is one of the first Chinooks to be awarded this distinction.  The Achiever Dog recognizes Otie's accomplishments in the various venues along with his dedication to teamwork.  Way to go Otie!

Otie shows his perfect start line stay
Otie in the poles - never a pop out!

Otie takes the broad jump

Otie is all business in the Rally ring.
Chinooks have great focus, especially when trained with food!


Monday, January 1, 2018

A Belgian Tervuren Christmas

Ozzie and Sky pose for their Christmas Card
Happy Holidays from Tervs Ozzie and Sky.  With zero degree temps and negative wind chill factors, what better place to hang out than Home Depot for a bit of training and a super photo op!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

First Christmas for Intervale Pups

Intervale Ferncroft 
2017 was the First Christmas for Belle's kids Intervale Fern, Felix and Skye, and Jazzy's kids Penny, Teyha, Nala, Juneau,  Mason, Coho, and Koda.  Belle and Hyas' pups are over 60 lbs and will be one in January.  Jazzy and Otie's pups are in the 40 lb range at 5 months of age.  We have some nice sized Chinook puppies!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Intervale Kali's Echo

Echo has the best seat in the house as she patiently waits for UPS to deliver the presents she has ordered for half-brother Pemi. Haha, you think?